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THE MISSION is to educate and motivate people about youth activism. To tell people about all the incredible activism that already exists among the Millennial Generation and also to encourage more people to get involved. Millennial Politics hosts discussion boards, organizes "Coffee and Politics" and Book Clubs all over the country. MP publishes a weekly newsletter about youth activism and organizes a clipping service for articles about youth activism. We are supporting a generational movement to make our peers participating citizens and make our country a better place to live.
READ about the many issues that we are covering in this book as well as the introduction which is already online. Also sign up for the newsletter and read our weekly thoughts about the politics of the generation. Buy our book (!) and start a Millennial Politics book club to learn more about youth activism.
CONTRIBUTE to this work in progress. The first edition of our book is out, but it will be re-released in the Fall of 2004, so there is still time to contribute. We cannot do this alone, so we are looking for other people in the generation to stand up and give us their point of view. We'll take feedback, quotes, research, cartoons, poems, songs, web pages, almost anything. Please take advantage of this unique opportunity to represent the generation and find out how you can contribute.
DISCUSS the politics of the generation at the forums we have created. This is the one and only site where Millennials and people of all ages have open conversations about a wide variety of issues that will affect our future. Join this community that addresses these important issues. Don't keep surfing the web wondering when a web site is going to make a difference, wondering when people are going to stop talking around issues and really get at the heart of what's really important. Sign up now and become a part of the solution.

     -Thanks! Scott Beale & Abeer Abdalla